We all have something of Entrepreneur, Manager and Technical


We all have something of an entrepreneur, manager and technician in our business. The percentage by which each brings makes a difference.



But, what we mean by each of these names? Some authors relate the business world these forms to each of the sets of procedural characteristics of idealization and action of the individuals who are part of an organization or its leader or founder.


The leader of a company would, therefore, each of these features at some point in their development or even all at the same time.



It is said that the entrepreneur is visionary, creative, risky, although driver and somewhat messy. Her drive to achieve business goals generate new dynamism translated into action and constant innovation.


The manager or administrator, moreover, is to make their contribution in order, decisions often based on experience and pragmatism. For him, planning is elemental in a company. He orders what the entrepreneur put into apparent “disorder”.


Finally, the technician is the person in the company, ready to work and do the work to be performed according to their assignment. The “how” is important to him, so put aside the ideas to transform them into methods. Usually a little stubborn and individualistic.



Recognize according to these 3 sets of features raised how we could deduce that the entrepreneur thinks about the future, the administrator in the past and technical at present. Generally, the entrepreneurial personality has its peak at the time of riding our business but fades as time passes.


So if all I have something of each of these “corporate personality” perhaps not enter into conflict? Sure, but the challenge is to balance this trio of personalities and get the best possible benefit from their coordinated interaction.


Therefore, it is important to constantly remember what prompted us to dream when we put our business to the entrepreneur within us emerges constantly giving us this vision of change and encouraging new projects. The same applies provide our orderly and planner, the administrator imposed by our own limits; as well as transform this reality series with effective approaches and technical work.



In conclusion, we all have something of an entrepreneur, manager and technical and these three “business figures” are complementary. If we are to succeed in our business we need to know potentiate each and also know to set their own limits. The entrepreneur in you not only a matter of the past. Dream, safe, apuéstele your dreams but with the right planning and methodologies.


You can reach each of its purposes.

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