Everyday Saving Tips *


Some tips to save daily:

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Ideal Economic Activity*


The economic activity is best that you choose because it draws attention and knows he has opportunity for growth.


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Characteristics of a good seller

cliente-satisfechoThe profile of the negotiator must have the following characteristics:


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The sellers are the engine of the world


Can you imagine the planet earth stuck, without turning? Can you imagine the world without trade? The engine that moves the economy and the world is the dynamism of its people.


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Financial Diagnosis: A Health Check for the health of your business


Are you a person convinced that health prevention is preferable to cure diseases? In business it is similar. You have to have good diagnostic and habits of financial health.


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Training is always the best investment


Usually we have heard that the nations that do not invest in education are condemned to underdevelopment. What’s the matter with each individual? Is the key formal education or specific training? Does it help us be more productive in our endeavors?

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Are the Arabs and the Chinese will own the football industry? *



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Multiply entrepreneurs in Latin America



In Latin America the number of entrepreneurs has increased. One of the most obvious examples is the case of Panama where the number of entrepreneurs according to official sources doubled.

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Basic Finance for Individuals and Companies


Beyond the level of development of our business or productive activity, natural and legal persons tend to worry about obtaining resources to meet our needs. When we mean monetary resources we are just considering one of the basic aspects of finance, whether personal or corporate.

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The exchange rate and competitiveness in international trade


Currently we can see that we get more information on the dollar in different countries of the region and depending on the nationality of the means of communication or comfort concerns that have local economic agents to such news is transmitted. For what is this? What they benefit or harm?

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